【9.06″ SATISFYING SIZE】This anal dildo is 8.15in insertable and the biggest diameter is 2.81in. When this thick dildo enters with lube, the first thing you feel is big, followed by the raised veins that begin to stimulate vagina or anal and give you an unparalleled realistic feeling. As you adjust to its size and go deeper, the fulfilling feelings of a great knot will propel you to heaven.

【3.54″ DIAMETER STRONG SUCTION CUP】When we designed this dragon dildo we took into account that its size and weight would pose a great challenge to the suction cup. The result shows that the suction cup is so strong that you can attach it to any smooth surface to enjoy hands-free fun without any burden.

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Draconia: A hidden island inhabited by colossal dragons, each possessing unique elemental abilities, and a society governed by dragon hierarchies and ancient wisdom.

【HUGE FANTASY MONSTER DILDO】Stout glans, raised veins, flexible shafts, great knots all make it a favorite among advanced players. In addition, the new generation of exclusive color mixing technology do not cause color leakage or fading, and the color is not just painted onto this toy like other cheap sex toys. You will be surprised by its meticulous color mixing craftsmanship when you get it in your hands.
【COMFORTABLE & PREMIUM SILICONE】This wolf dildo with a gorgeous look provides your basic need for material safety. It’s made of body-safe silicone, odorless, easily bendable and soft in touch and not sticky like other silicone toys. The anal plug is flexible & durable and could be one of your collected toys.

【DISCREET PACKAGING & RELIABLE AFTER-SALES SERVICE】Our priority is to protect your privacy. This butt plug will be shipped in 100% discreet standard packaging and express orders will not leave any sensitive words. If you have any questions about the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.


Green, Purple, Red


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  • Madison

    The unusual realistic dildo exceeded my expectations with its unique design and style. The silicone adds a lifelike texture, making it incredibly pleasurable to use. This dildo is a must-have for those looking to explore new sensations and indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Victoria

    The realistic 20 cm long dildo with a suction cup has completely exceeded my expectations. Its unusual design and style make it a standout toy, and the soft silicone construction feels incredibly realistic to the touch. The suction cup is powerful and holds up even during the most intense play sessions. With its perfect size and lifelike texture, this dildo delivers the most incredible sensations and leaves me completely satisfied every time.

  • Chloe

    I’m blown away by the realistic dildo with a grip cup. Its unusual design and style add a touch of sophistication to my intimate moments, and the soft silicone material offers a comfortable and lifelike feel. The suction cup is incredibly reliable, allowing me to explore different positions without worry. This dildo has become an essential part of my pleasure routine, delivering intense sensations and realistic stimulation every time.

  • Grace

    Its unique design and style make it a standout in my collection, and the soft silicone material feels remarkably realistic. The suction cup is impressively strong, providing a secure grip for hands-free play. Whether I’m using it solo or with a partner, this dildo delivers an incredibly pleasurable experience that leaves me craving more.

  • Scarlett

    This dildo is a complete game-changer for me. Its realistic 20 cm length and soft silicone make it an absolute delight to use. The suction cup provides a secure attachment to any smooth surface, allowing for hands-free fun and endless exploration. With its unique design and lifelike feel, this dildo delivers mind-blowing pleasure and takes my intimate experiences to a whole new level.

  • Ella

    I am in awe of the realistic dildo with a suction cup. Its unusual design and style set it apart from other toys, and the soft silicone material feels incredibly lifelike. The suction cup is incredibly strong, allowing me to enjoy hands-free pleasure on any smooth surface. This dildo has become my go-to for solo play, providing intense sensations and satisfying realism.

  • Avery

    I’m totally hooked on this toy. Its one-of-a-kind design and style grabbed me right from the start, and the soft silicone makes it feel amazingly realistic. The suction cup is seriously impressive, keeping it securely in place no matter how intense the action gets. With its perfect 20 cm length, this dildo is my top pick for mind-blowing solo adventures that leave me craving more.


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