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☑ ADJUSTABLE – The nipple clamps are adjustable, the clamps are covered with a plastic layer to prevent nipple damage.
☑ CONNECTED – Connect to your partner’s most intimate and sensitive areas with this nipple and clit clamp set – For more stimulation and pleasure!
☑ NEUTRAL PACKAGING – The bondage set is shipped in neutral packaging, protecting the privacy of our customers is very important to us.
☑ TOP QUALITY – The erotic nipple clamps are made of environmentally friendly stainless steel material and have soft protective covers made of black latex.
☑ MANY APPLICATIONS – All chains and brackets can also be used independently. Let your imagination run wild!



Let yourself be carried away into the sensual and intense world of BDSM. With this piece of jewelery you not only enjoy special pain stimuli but also the sexy look that you give with these hot chains. Both your nipples and your clitoris are firmly in the grip of the clamps. They intensify your sensations with a blood stasis effect. You can determine the degree of pain stimulus yourself thanks to the small sliders on the nipple clamps. The more you push them up, the more the nipples get pinched.


The rubber coatings at the tip of the clamps ensure a comfortable fit.




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