IPHISI Inflatable Anal Plug


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💋 【Amazing Anal Plug Large】- After the IPHISI inflatable butt plugs are inflated, maximum length 40cm, maximum diameter 12cm. You will be amazed by this huge guy! Can be used by men and women alone or with your partner to enjoy the pleasure of being pampered by an. It is also perfect for anal spreaders. It is recommended not to exceed the safety limit when using!
💋 【Intense Stimulation】- This is definitely a mysterious guy! The design of chain is easy to insert, the surface has rich raised particles to increase the stimulation of the inner wall, plus the feeling of squeezing and filling after the is inflated, and the unknown stimulation of how much it can eventually expand, multiple stimulation stacks to intensify your senses. Bring an orgasm like never before.
💋 【Detachable Air Pump】- This anal pump plug has a manual air pump, which can be used to adjust the size of the butt plug as you like. After inflating, the air pump can be disassembled for use, and there is a button on the air pump for quick draining. (Insert the with a needle with a pump,then open the valve on the air pump) Carefully designed to personalize your fun!
💋 【Safe Hook】- Designed according to the human body structure, it perfectly adapts to the curvature of anus and vagina. Easy to insert to stimulate the anus, G-spot, without discomfort. The bottom of the butt plug is a safety hook that, once inserted into the buttocks, fully adapts to the groin, so it can be easily removed at any time to ensure safety. Remove all worries about the love experience.
💋 【Premium Plug】- This inflatable plug is made of medical liquid silicone, solid is made of medical grade silicone, skin-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, soft and elastic, durable, anti-allergic, waterproof and easy to wear clean. Can be used with any water-soluble lubricant.
💋 【Adjustable Size】- The catheter is 50cm long, the length of the chain balls before inflation is 17cm, and the maximum diameter is 5cm. Small and lightweight, it can be played anytime, anywhere, so your sex journey won’t last longer monotonous.
💋 【100% Satisfaction】- All products are usedNeutral packaging to protect your privacy.If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, feel free to contact us.



Expansion length 15.75 inch (40cm)
Expansion Diameter 5.12 inch (13cm)
Air Tube Length: 19inch(49cm)
Expandable Plugs Length: 7.7 inch(19.5cm)
Plugs Diameter: 1.45 inches(3.5cm)
Inflate Ball Length: 3.2inch
Inflate Ball Diameter: 1.69inch ( normal condition)
Material: Silicon



Anal plugs*1 (Discreet Package) (no sex words or images)



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