Suction Cup:Yes
Material:Medical safe Liquid silicone
#Waterproof, flexible, soft, moderate, portable.

Livraison le 04, octobre 2023 - 07, octobre 2023
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Livraison incognito

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Phantasmagoria: Within this city, illusions come to life in the form of stunning individuals with an otherworldly attractiveness. Their captivating appearances blur the line between reality and fantasy.

Night too beautiful series instructions for use.

1. 5 minutes of direct sunlight, placed indoors, close the curtains to use
2. Open the curtains, placed on the windowsill sun exposure for 15 minutes, pull the curtains to use

1. placed under the indoor LED lights, irradiation 30 minutes, turn off the lights to use
2. placed under the LED desk lamp (within 10cm distance), irradiation for 20 minutes, turn off the lights to use


Buyers receive the goods after unpacking test no luminous effect of the reasons.
1. luminous products in the dark afterglow time is only 5 hours ~ 8 hours
2. logistics afterglow has disappeared
3 buyers did not follow the instructions to the product light absorption


Luminous, Meat, Black

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  • Derek

    The glowing butt plug went above and beyond my expectations with its exceptional design and style. Crafted from premium silicone, it ensures a comfortable and pleasurable experience. The luminous feature elevates the excitement and visual allure, creating a captivating ambiance that enhances intimate moments. This butt plug is a must-have for anyone seeking to infuse their sensual adventures with a touch of enchantment and exploration.

  • Bob

    The butt plug is an absolute game-changer. Its unique design and style make it a visually captivating addition to my intimate moments. Made from high-quality silicone, it offers a comfortable and satisfying experience, and with its luminous feature, it adds a mesmerizing glow to my pleasure sessions.

  • Saimon

    The luminous butt plug is a remarkable addition to my personal collection. Its unique design and style set it apart from anything I’ve encountered, adding a touch of novelty to my intimate encounters. Crafted with premium silicone, it delivers a comfortable and pleasurable sensation, while the luminous feature casts a captivating glow, setting the mood for unforgettable experiences. This butt plug has surpassed my expectations and quickly become a favorite choice for indulging in exquisite pleasure.

  • Zoi

    The Butt Plug Unicorn Dildo is truly a one-of-a-kind pleasure device. Its unique design and style add an exciting and playful element to my intimate experiences. Made from high-quality silicone, it offers a comfortable and satisfying feel, and with its size of 45*5cm, it provides a fulfilling sensation for those seeking a more adventurous exploration.

  • Gtrald

    The Long Butt Plug Unicorn Fantasy Dildo is an extraordinary addition to my collection. Its unique design and style, combined with the high-quality silicone material, create a pleasurable and comfortable experience. With its generous size of 45*5cm, it offers a fulfilling sensation that will satisfy even the most adventurous users.

  • Deisy

    This luminous Dildo surpassed my expectations with its distinctive design and captivating glow. Its dimensions of 45*1.5-5cm delivered a pleasurable and comfortable experience. The luminous effect enhanced the visual appeal, adding an exciting touch to my intimate moments and making it a delightful addition to my collection.


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