Plug anal masseur de prostate


Livraison le 25, avril 2024 - 28, avril 2024
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Please note that the color of the crystal inside the anal plug is random, if you need a specific color, please contact us.



Matériel: Silicone + ABS
Anal plug size: L
Vibrator size: 1.8 * 9 cm
Vibrator frequency: 10 speeds
Inclure: Anal plug or anal vibrator set according your choose
Emballer: Discreet package, protect your privacy







  • Anal plugs are made off soft silicone, smooth touch, comfortable & safe.
  • Waterproof, shining jewelry can be replaced freedom.
  • Three size plugs are suitable for both of beginner and advanced player.
  • Bullet vibrator, powerful but quiet to keep privacy.
  • Mini size put into pocket to enjoy anywhere.
  • Various kinds combination for choose.


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