2023 Plug Anal Lumineux Dragon

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Livraison le 30, septembre 2023 - 03, octobre 2023
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Livraison incognito
Technical specifications:
Material: Silicone
Item size:
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Packing list: 1 * anal dildos
Instructions for use of luminous
1. Direct sunlight for 5 minutes, place it indoors, and use it with the curtains drawn
2. Open the curtains, place the sun on the windowsill for 15 minutes, and use it with the curtains drawn
dark night
1. Put it under the indoor LED light, irradiate for 30 minutes, turn off the light and use
2. Place it under the LED desk lamp (within a distance of 10cm), irradiate for 20 minutes, turn off the lamp and use it
1) Please clean before and after use.
2) Please use with water-based lubricant

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